Mariana Maksymowych

Mariana’s practice focuses on personal and emotive narratives through painting, photography and the delicate medium of embroidery. An earlier embroidered series documents twelve months of her hair growth, having undergone chemotherapy in 2017. She has also focused on the other physical characteristics of how chemotherapy can change an individual, incorporating both embroidery and painting in her work. Exploring the process of trauma and healing Mariana is using the method of stitch in this way, ripping and re-stitching parts of the piece back together. Her most recent work involves burning her artwork, as a way of closure from her past trauma. Since then, Mariana has been creating digital prints from the residue of the bonfire, moving on from her previous work. Fire destroys things but it also creates new things as well. She has been using fire as a core element in her work inspired by Auto-Destructive Art and Group Zero.