Mahalia Connor

Mahalia’s work invites the audience to interpret her commentary on the human condition, evolution and mutation from a comedic stance. The work is not a definitive statement upon evolution and posthumanism, but rather an interrogation of potential outcomes or alternate realities involving man and machine. Mahalia explores this through a narrative of escaped human organs presented via animatronic forms and kinetic robotic sculpture, mutating the image of the human body using scale, colour and multiplications. Through the mechanical augmentations, these objects have renewed characteristics and agency.

Heterotopia is the garden of an alternative reality featuring a mechanical windmill of Shiva-X-The Creation of Adam-esque arms, a yonic flower baby rocker sculpture, and three tumefied robotic piles of guts. Enveloped in sounds of nature combined with mechanical whirrings, the microverse cell-scape is orbited around the space by projections in symmetry to the universe.