Louise Ansell

Louise’s work responds to the gross miscarriages of justice suffered by victims of domestic abuse in our legal system today. Specifically, her work addresses the ongoing case of Sally Challen, who after more than three decades of psychological abuse murdered her husband, Richard.


Using animation software, Louise recreates the surroundings of Beachy Head, where Sally had visited with the intention of ending her life after murdering Richard. Beachy Head marks a tumultuous location in Challen’s ongoing journey to freedom. Although Challen had finally freed herself from the hell her husband had constructed, it was at the cost of sacrificing her freedom once more. Sally was caught in limbo. She had merely traded a psychological prison for a literal one. Unfortunately, the metaphor of being stuck between two hells is not just pertinent to this case, but the reality for many women who still endure abuse even after they escape.