Linda Vanuska

My studio practice deals with selective digital image processing and surreal collage making using sourced photographic media. My adopted working technique lends itself to an exploration of planetary interspecies relationships, and the portrayal of their aspirational and dramatic aspects as reflected in the age of Anthropocene. Currently I am developing an expansive series of digital collage and multimedia print works under the title Joining Kingdoms, which address the dangers of neglect, extinction and shadows of civilisation. I am experimenting with printing, cutting, and digital collage adaptation to the mediums of animation and film. For my graduate exhibition I am collaborating with a sound artist Szymon Orłowski from Dźwiękuję Badzo (dB) music production studio, who has provided the audio accompaniment for my animation films. The aim of this collaboration is to promote healthy creative partnerships and the power of reinforced creation in ecologically minded pursuits.