Lauren Hevey

Lauren Hevey is a mixed media artist who uses paint, quilling and weaving within her practice. Fibre artists such as Anni Albers, Sheila Hicks and Lenore Tawney are the main influences behind her work due to their fundamental contribution they have made to the contemporary art world. They took traditional ‘home maker’ methods and brought them in to a new setting. These artists were working in the early to mid-1900s, a time of male domination and patriarchy. These female artists put forward a practice that was only ever recognised as ‘craft’ work and successfully pushed it into a contemporary art context.

The artist’s practice is heavily centred around process and repetition. In her outcomes dimension, form, tone as well as texture are the primary concerns. She works frequently with a blue palette to explore the tonal range the colour has to offer but also due to the connotations the colour blue has had. Blue, often a colour connected with masculinity in the 21st century, e.g., ‘blue for a boy’ when in fact the colour was originally associated with women. Although the original association has been lost throughout time because of how now the colour pink is so heavily linked with femininity, she works in this palette of blue to connect traditional female practices with what was a traditionally feminine colour.

In her work she is questioning what is craft and what is art? Why practical process is so important to so many female artists? And in various pieces for example, “LOOM X3” she is showing how important certain tools such as ‘looms’ are for a successful practice and presenting exactly how these tools have aided many successful female art practices.