Kirstin Ringham

As an object, interactive art is nothing. If all you do is look at it, as you are used to doing with visual art, it will be a big disappointment. But as an action, it is everything.

Arjen Mulder (2007)


Within Kirstin Ringham’s practice, she creates large, colourful installations with a particular theme for use as a photographic backdrop. She uses performance to force the audience to engage with the artwork in order to critique how the general public interact with art found within the gallery setting. A desire to be seen experiencing art as well as a unique experience in which the audience can feel part of the work has recently driven how galleries curate their exhibitions.

Kirstin wishes to question whether social media has allowed the gallery to become more accessible, or whether it has made the gallery redundant. Her intention is that the audience can generate their own outcome and narrative from the experience of engaging with the artwork, and thus enables them to evaluate how social media has affected their lives by consuming their desire to post photos of their experiences online. She wishes to achieve a fun and memorable experience for each spectator in the hopes of generating conversation on her artwork.