Jamie Ampleford

Jamie Ampleford’s work focuses on his interpretation of contemporary urban landscapes.

Intrigued by modern day technology and its ability to attract the viewers’ attention, his work

looks particularly at locations with an overwhelming usage of fluorescent lighting for digital

advertising. Although when painted these places appear aesthetic, it is important to consider the connection urbanisation and technological advancements share with the destruction of nature. Should we anticipate more hyper-technological dystopian environments in the future?


Jamie applies the traditional technique of painting when capturing present-day urban environments, this embraces the conflicting nature of traditional techniques in contemporary art making. By layering acrylic paint, he is able to achieve the dramatic interaction of light and shadow. The paintings are then surrounded with LED strip lighting and mounted slightly off the wall to produce a neon glow, this exemplifies the fluorescent lighting captured within the paintings and transforms the artwork into an installation.