Erin Caitlin

Erin Caitlin’s work aims to explore the female experience in our contemporary western environment. In recent years there have been some major socio-political movements for gender and sexuality. However, debate around these issues have continued  due to defenders of the patriarchal system constantly fighting to keep their oppressive power through disbelief, fake news and self-centred ignorance. Individuals of feminine qualities continue to be abused and othered globally; To advance for equality, these voices must persist to be heard and celebrate their ‘otherness’.


In her artistic process, Erin voices personal confessions and stands up for her own femininity through digital media (video, sound) and installation. These mediums allow her to celebrate and vocalise her own experience, which creates a space of empowerment and safety for these thoughts and emotions. The modern digital medium allows her to play with the ideas of news, documentary and social media, but also to highlight the aspect of everyday routine. She plays with the uncanny connection between horror from the female experience and the relatable mundane routines we practice day to day.