Elpiniki Georgiou

My art practice explores the other side of Medusa’s story in the form of painting, referencing video games. In this  game Medusa is not the villain but the sympathetic hero who is played as the main character. There is an exploration of the story from another point of view because every story has two sides. Why Medusa is represented as a monster who only killed people? Medusa can be seen as a sculptor as she ‘creates’ sculptures just with her gaze. However, this power, which is considered negative by most of mythology readers, was given to Medusa by Athena. Athena cursed Medusa because Poseidon raped her. Why is Medusa blamed for something that they have done to her? And as the curse of petrifying onlookers was not enough, she had to look terrifying as well, by having snakes as hair. She was then tricked and beheaded by Perseus who took her head as a trophy and then gave to Athena as a present, to put on her shield and still use its power. All these events somehow made Medusa look bad, but she was not the only villain in the story; Poseidon, Athena and Perseus were bad enough with their destruction of Medusa’s life. Also, the piece invites the viewer to interact with it and this connotes the interactive nature of the classic scrolling platform adventure game. Using oil paints, the painting forms a video game storyline; referencing Super Mario, illustrating Medusa’s life from her rape till the day she was murdered by Perseus.