Ecem Sinay

Ecem’s work explores the complexities of Cypriot and Turkish identities through questioning their relationship with the West, by using found footage and other forms of information as signifiers. The separation in Cyprus between the Republic of Cyprus (Greek) and the de facto state of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus creates perplexing dualisms both socially and politically; crossing from the occupied TRNC to the European South Cyprus to have some McDonald’s is only a 10-minute walk, however the ramifications of war and the identity of Cypriots in terms of Turkishness/Greekness are relentlessly debated, intensifying dissolution. On top of this, the disintegration between Westernised communities and religious groups are marginalised in order to be used as propaganda, especially in Turkey. Ecem investigates the effects of the repercussions of these dualisms on a personal level by focusing on individuals whilst referring to larger concepts through placing them together in split screen. Fictional/political events and individual stories are used with the intentions of promoting empathy and objectively presenting the opposing ideologies in both Turkey and Cyprus.