Bonnie Aim

Bonnie Aim focuses on using painting as an object throughout her work. Bonnie has used many different objects within her paintings such as pillow cases and bed sheets which have been featured in numerous pieces by her. The bedsheet is in no means prestige or sleek, the sheet is worn, torn and overall disembodied.  Her work is highly inspired my Nan Goldin’s photographs with Goldin’s subjects becoming a narrative within Bonnie’s work.

Bonnie tries to convey the importance in surrounding the ideal of what lies between intimacy and the everyday. Life can be bleak, there is no perfection just an ideal of perfection. This is the correlation she wishes to express within her painting, the reality in the everyday. There is no glorified beauty or perfection within Goldin’s photographs as there is not within her paintings. Her work crosses over with a number of themes such as sexuality, intimacy and gender which all interwind within her pieces as one.