Blaize Lynch

My practice is focused on the poses of the traditional (renaissance) female nudes, using: Botticelli, The birth of Venus, Giorgione, The Sleeping Venus and Titian, Venus
 with a Mirror. By referencing and using images of these recognisable art historical poses of the Venus, I am questioning what currency, power, or agency these poses
 have today.

Are they beautiful? What do they mean? What do they do?

In the history of art, traditional Venus poses are offered as innocently postured women of sexually availability to the viewer, objectified by the lens white western male. By presenting the Venus posing out of their normal environment, I am encouraging the viewer to question their current view of the pose and how the Venus is now perceived through a contemporary art lens, compared to the historical views that depicted them.

Through exploring the pull between the power of their beauty and the lack of power they were originally created, I am questioning how they are perceived today and what currency they now hold.