Alice Fry

Alice Fry’s work interrogates the eroticism of commodity fetishism through an exploration of systems perpetuating the mysticism and spectacle of commodity. Informed by the writings of Walter Benjamin, Karl Marx and Guy Debord, her work seeks to examine the coalescence of romanticism and capitalism, focusing on the often outmoded and ephemeral spectres of the retail environment. Formed through a research-based practice, Fry produces film, data entry, digital collage and text-based work, inspired by the legacy of conceptualism and applied through the aesthetics of administration. Her work eschews positivist notions of rationality and empirical methodology, and instead presents a flawed and sensuous science, whereby colour and language quantify desires inherently tied to the reverence of capitalist commercialism. Fry’s most recent work seeks to delve into sensitive familial recollections and sexual desires as tied to olfactory memories of mass-market luxury perfumes.